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Improve is a digital platform providing customized and measurable trainings and improvement processes. 


How did we start?

The founder of the community, Ronny A. Nilsen, is the founder of ResultPartner AS, an established consulting company since 1991 offering customized training towards Business, Health and Sports. In 1995, we developed a Software solution to systematize improvement processes. The software is called Improve and has since been developed and tested in a partnership with just over 400 Norwegian and Scandinavian companies from SMEs to larger companies in some 20’s industries. Improve is today one of the most effective digital platforms in Performance Development and Training.


Improving Growth

Your hard work is now made smarter connecting professionals, a world-class digital community platform and a performance management system to secure your performance and results.

We’re an ROI driven, client first organization. We don’t exist without our clients. It’s a pleasure to serve them. We focus on making sure our engagements deliver and result in a return. We are a group of experienced Coaches, Mentors and Advisors with good personal values and proven track-record, skills and experience.


Areas that our team offer


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Improve Coaches, Mentors, Advisors and Trainers are our Associated Partners and the core experts of our community. These resources organise and manage workshops to spread high level knowledge and skills related to industry specific themes both locally and globally. Our Teamwork-approach work together to actively grow your business which eventually will improve growth for all of our members. 

Ronny farger

Ronny A. Nilsen

Founder & CEO

High Performance Business and Top Athlete Coach and Trainer.


Torunn Ødegård

Mentor & coach

Providing Executive Coaching and Management programs.

Jan bilde

Jan Søvberg

Mentor & coach

Providing Executive Coaching and Management programs.

Karin Bilde

Karin Range

Mentor & coach

Providing Executive Coaching and Management programs.


Håkon Gaarder-Larsen

Mentor & coach

Providing Executive Coaching and Management programs.

Sindy Birkelid

Sindy Birkelid

Mentor & coach

Providing Executive Coaching and Management programs.

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Our Unique Software

Improve Performance Management and Training System is our unique Software developed in Partnership with our clients for 30 years. If you are looking for a sustainable and measurable process – this really makes the difference.

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​Words from our clients

"Ronny is a highly experienced trainer and motivator. He has an exceptional ability to help people improve their work, performance and even their personality through goal-oriented training. All his work can be measured in a very specific way. I highly recommend Ronny if you want to take you, your company and employees to a new level of delivering results."
"I have worked with Ronny on several projects and it is a gift - every time! He is one of the most creative and inspiring persons I have ever met. I always go away richer and with a wider perspective on things. I am proud to call him my Mentor! "
"Ronny have helped us in several hiring processes over the years. He is highly professional, and has the ability to understand customer needs and processes in a way that gives us qualified candidates immediately in a recruitment process. In addition, the follow up of candidate and us after the process is concluded is also something that distinguish Ronny – this crucial part of a successful hiring process is given the attention it needs."
"I've hired Ronny for several occasions for building management teams and management coaching. He got a great concept which works in real life. Good balance between theory and practical training, direct and honest coaching style which gives fast results."
"Ronny knows very well how to run a company, and thus is a business consultant with real hands on experience. He is very motivating and focused upon how to achieve results and also be able to continue doing that. I fully recommend Ronny!"
"I'm very satisfied with Ronny's performance. After several leadership training and lessons Ronny's way of getting things done really made a difference. Key factors is professionalism, very we'll prepared trainings down to the smallest details, securing all participants getting to contribute, and pushing a challenge on your weaknesses. Most important, securing long term implementation of training content into action, through web based measurement before and after training modules. This way of doing attitude and awareness training really made a difference, and clearly giving me an advantage in my way of conducting leadership in my business ."


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Digital platform to manage performance improvement for individuals, corporations and teams.



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