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Improve Performance Management and Training System is a highly effective Software developed for almost 3 decades to improve performance on a corporate, team or individual level.

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Individual approach

Performance Improvement is all about People – first.

Progress review

Flexible performance review milestones based on vital KPI´s.

Performance Diary

Track. Evaluate. Compare performance in realtime.

Award winning

Gamification and Certification boost Performance.

Training Library

Automate and collect all your Training digitally.

Proven Tech.

25 years of development based on Microsoft Technology.


What else to expect?

Flexible performance review milestones based on vital KPI´s.

​Strategy Planning & Optimization

Executing strategies is key to reach your goals and vision. Our systematic approach, technology and experts ensure this in cooperation with you.

​Goal Alignment. Measure. Follow up.

We make your SMART-Goals actionable, sustainable according to your corporate strategies and goals. 

Hiring the Best Candidate & Brand Building

We know quite a lot about skills and personas and what drives performance. Helping you define job- and candidate profile, providing a narrowed search, fulfill an in-depth selection process and a performance and learning follow-up-call during the on-boarding phase, secures the process. 

Agile way of working - empowering team

Agile working is about bringing people, processes, connectivity and technology, time and place together to find the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out a particular task. It is working within guidelines (of the task) but without boundaries (of how you achieve it).

Business improvement expert

Meet Ronny A. Nilsen

“Ronny is the general manager and founder of Improve Startups AS and is known for doing a thorough job in understanding the client’s business, its strengths and challenges as well as defining specific goals and performance expectations. Ronny is an enthusiastic and engaging coach who adapts quickly. Measurable results in a binding partnership are his trademark after more than 32 years in the consulting industry. General Manager and Founder of Improve Startups. My goal is to ensure that you get the best advice for your project and I am happy to offer a free 30 minute conversation. Looking forward to our chat! “


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Even from my childhood days I have always been fascinated about how and why certain people perform better. It drew me into the Martial Arts for 20 years as a head Trainer implementing this philosophy into the Business area. Still after 30 years I am humble about how to improve the way we work, live, learn and play.

- Ronny A. Nilsen

Founder & CEO


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