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High Quality Mentors

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Personal, customized training for your employees, team or partners secure results.


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Systematic Training; plan, run, measure and follow up your personalized training programs and boost your performance to next level!

Our most popular marketing courses

Without sales and marketing you will soon end up by loosing customers and marketshare and you`ll soon be out of business. Learn from the expert how you could boost your market share!


Content Creating

Learn how to write and point out key messages and boost the awareness from your prospects! Learn how Google and Social Media works.


Customer Surveys

Plan, run, measure and follow up customer surveys and implement tasks and trainings to improve performance on key performance indicators (KPIs).


Frequently Asked Questions

Some people will know exactly what course they need, perhaps based on their job title. For example, sales training, human resources, and leadership courses will be appropriate for people involved in these roles. Other people may not have a specific need and will prefer to mis a few subjects together. Have a look through our courses, and see which you feel most meets your needs and then ring us on +47 9280 4155 or email us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Once you have found the type of course you want, simply call us on +47 9280 4155 or email us, and we will discuss your exact requirements with you.

Our trainers have a wealth of experience and skills, gained from working for large international companies, in sales, management and HR / training roles, also in training staff from multinational companies. View our trainers’ profiles on the The Team page. If you want a trainer with specific experience, why not simply call us on +47 9280 4155 or email us at

Each company is different, and has different needs. A “one size fits all” training programme is not our style. We will meet with you to get to know your company, what you do, how you operate and to discuss your training requirements, so that we understand exactly what you need. We will then design a bespoke course, learning and training specifically for your company, to ensure the training meet your companies requirements.

As a minimum, we always provide feedback and post course evaluation so that you know we’ve helped your staff to improve so they can do their jobs better. We can also provide further evaluation in the form of on the job observation and coaching.

We fully understand that each company is different, and so has different training requirements. We can design bespoke training courses to meet your exact requirements. If you want training on a subject not listed, simply call us on +47 9280 4155 or email us with your requirements and we will be able to create a course to meet you needs.

Perhaps your colleagues or manager can help you to decide which areas of your skill set could benefit from training. If you have recently changed jobs, or been promoted, you may be expected to have or learn new skills. Whilst some of our courses are self-explanatory and suitable for specific jobs, other courses are suitable for many job roles in many industries. Just because you are a manager or a sales person, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t benefit from financial, administrative or telephone skills. Call us on +47 9280 4155 or email us and let us help you decide the training that would be most beneficial to you.

We are glad this question comes up because it is all about satisfied customers and proven records. We are proud of our reputation for providing bespoke training courses, and have worked with some of leading companies all over the world for more than 30 years. Have a look at our Clients list and see who we’ve helped in your industry. References are also available on request.

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