Terms of Service

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 

Under the specific Terms of Use, which Improve (Improve Performance International AS) and its associates firmly adhere to offers the whole spectrum of amenities to you and delineate you how you can get access to them and utilize.

Based on the type of services you use, the range of extra terms and policies (counting rules, course of action and other likewise named documents) offered with those Services are eligible to apply for “Additional Terms”. Those Additional Terms become a cardinal module of the agreement with us in case you use the Services practically. Incidentally, if you do so, please take note of the fact that the Survey Terms of Service apply. We regard the amalgamation of this TOU and any pertinent Additional Terms altogether as these “Terms”.

You imply your indenture about the Terms by hitting a button thus giving a cue to your endorsement of the Terms, by exercising a written material that makes reference to them, or by utilizing the products/services.

On the other hand, if you are going to exercise the services at the end of organization, you indirectly give your consent to use the Terms and you also state that you have the special control to do so. At the crossroads, “you” and “your” will designate to that social group.

Particular country-specific terms in Section 14.3 may be applicable you if you live outside Norway.

1. Fees and Payments

1.1. Service based charges. You give consent to make disbursement to Improve for every type of service you buy or utilize (covering any exposure fees), based on the quote rates including disbursement terms to be had to you for rendering such service. Wherever it fits the needs, you are bound to be charged via the specific billing system you choose via the account management page you have Fees once disbursed by you are not refundable, with the exclusion it is included in these Terms or when entailed by law.

1.2. Subscriptions. Certain numbers of our services are charged on basis of a subscription foundation (we refer to these “Agreement”). This directs to the fact that you will be charged beforehand on a persistent and sporadic basis (each such period is termed a “billing cycle”). Billing cycles in general are either monthly or annually, based on the type of subscription plan you choose when buying a Subscription. Your Payment will mechanically be renewed towards the closure of every billing cycle until you revoke auto-renewal via your internet account management page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our customer support personnel. While we will be down in the dumps to see you go, you have the leeway to rescind automatic renewal of your Subscription at a time that suits you best, although your Subscription will keep on until the end of that billing cycle before coming to an end. You may rescind auto-renewal on your Subscription right away following the Subscription comes into flow if you are reluctant to renew it.

1.3. Taxes. Until or if so stated, you owe the responsibility for any of the taxes (different from Improve’s income tax) or responsibilities about the Services’ sale, covering any pertinent penalty kicks or interest (jointly termed “Taxes”). You are subject to disburse Improve for the Services without making any diminution in tax rates. If Improve is obligated to garner or disburse Taxes, the Taxes will be inventories and sent to you, until you endow Improve with a legitimate tax write-off certificate granted by the germane taxing control department or other certification giving testimony to that no tax would be levied. Improve will not levy any VAT charges from you if you endow us with a VAT number granted by a taxing authority in the European Union, are buying the Services from Improve Europe for business concerns, and are sited in a diverse European Union member state from Improve Europe. If you are entailed by law to hold back any Taxes from your disbursement to Improve, you must endow Improve with an official tax certificate of acknowledgement or other relevant documentation to endorse such payments.

1.4. Price Changes. Improve exercises the right to make revisions in the fees levied for the Services charged on a subscription groundwork.  The revision will come into effect solely by the termination of the then-current billing cycle of your Agreement. Improve will endow you with down-to-earth preceding in print notification of any potential alteration in fees thus giving you the leeway to rescind your Subscription prior to the amendments come in.

1.5. Overage Fees. Unless or if stated expressly, any overage fees incurred by you will be billed in debts on a monthly basis. Overage fees which stay on without payment for 30 days followed by being billed are deemed behind time. Being a defaulter to disburse overage fees when due may give result to the germane Service being marginal, suspended, or ended (subject to appropriate legal needs), which may result in a failure of your data related to that Service.

2. Privacy of your Data

2.1 Privacy. While you use our services, you have the leeways to put the content forward to Improve (including your private info and info related to others) or 3rd parties might follow the suit via the Services. We are cognizant of the term that by submitting your Content to us, you give the cue to us to conduct it the right way. Improve’s Privacy Policy in conjunction with any Service-specific data exercise policies, privacy statements and notices (cooperatively, “privacy policies”), directs to the references like how we take care of your stuff and personal data. Also, we see eye to eye to those privacy policies. You successively give consent to the fact that Improve may utilize and impart your Content as a part of understanding with our security approaches.

2.2. Classifiedness. Improve will conduct your stuff as secret data and just utilize and uncover it as a part of understanding of these Terms (counting our protection approaches). In any case, your stuff is not viewed as private data if such Content: (an) is or gets to be opened (rather than via violation of these Terms by Improve; (b) was legitimately known to Improve before accepting it from your end (c) is gotten by Improve from an outsider without learning of break of any commitment that you owe; or (d) was autonomously grown by Improve without giving acknowledgment to your Content.

3. Privacy & Your Content

3.1. You Maintain Possession of Your Content. You hold responsibility for your protected holding rights in your Content. Improve does not guarantee responsibility of your Content. These Conditions don’t let us get access to any licenses or rights to your Content with the exception of the restricted rights required to give the Services as well as generally depicted in these Terms.

3.2. Restricted Legal Instrument to Your Content. You give Improve an around the world, sovereignty free permit to utilize, duplicate, appropriate, alter, adjust, make subsidiary works, make freely accessible, and overall endeavor your Content, yet just for the constrained purposes of granting the Services to you and as generally allowed by Improve’s protection arrangements. This permit for such restricted purposes proceeds with despite you have quit utilizing our Services, however you may can erase your Content in connection to specific services such that Improve no more can make entry to it. This legal document likewise stretches out to any dependable outsiders we get in touch with to the degree important to give the Services to you. In the event that you furnish Improve with criticism related to the Services, we may utilize your input with no commitment.

3.3. Copyright Claims (DMCA Notices). Improve reacts to perceives of asserted copyright encroachment as per the Norwegian law herewith within. On the off chance that you accept that your job has been misused in a fashion that makes up copyright encroachment, you may tell Improve’s operators for cases of copyright encroachment.

3.4. Different IP Claims. Improve regards the protected innovation privileges belonging to others, and Improve anticipate that our clients will do likewise. On the off chance that you accept a Improve`s client is encroaching upon your licensed innovation rights, you may give a write-up to it through our online structure. Cases of copyright encroachment ought to take after the copyright procedure plot in these Terms, or any identical methodology accessible under nearby law.

4. Improve IP

4.1. Improve IP. Not these Terms or your utilization of the services gives you possession or the content you get entry via the Services (excluding your Content). But as allowed by Improve’s Brand and Trademark Use Policy, these Terms don’t allow you any privilege to utilize Improve’s trademarks or other trade name components.

5. Client Content

5.1. Client Content. The list of services presented by third parties gave is neither owned or entertained by Improve. Such client is the exclusive obligation of the element that enables it to be accessible. Likewise, you are in charge of your personal Content whilst you should vouch for the fact that you possess all the rights and authorizations expected to utilize that Content as a part of association with the Services. Improve is not in charge of any you make concerning your Content, imparting it openly.

5.2. Content Review. You recognize that the end goal to guarantee consistence with lawful commitments, Improve may be obliged to audit certain content that is put forward to the Services to figure out if it is unlawful or whether it disregards these Terms, (for example, when unlawful substance is accounted for us). We might likewise change, counteract access to, erase, or decline to show content that we accept the law or these Terms. On the other hand, Improve overall has no commitment to screen or audit any content put forward to the Services.

5.3. Outsider Resources. Improve may distribute interfaces in the range of its Services to web sites kept up by outsiders. Improve does not speak to that it hosts audited such third gathering sites and doesn`t not have any charge of them or any substance showing up on them. Trademarks showed in conjunction with the Services are the property of their particular managers.

6. Account Management

6.1. Ensure Your Password is Safe and Sound. On the off chance that you have been granted a chronicle by Improve regarding your utilization of the Services, you are in charge of protecting your watchword and whatever other qualifications used to get to that record. You, and not Improve, are in charge of any movement happening in your record (other than action that Improve is specifically in charge of which is not carried out as per the Customer’s guidelines), whether you approved that movement. In the event that you get to be mindful of any unapproved entry to your a/c, you ought to inform Improve promptly. They may not be imparted and might just be utilized by one person holding one account.

6.2. Ensure You have Accurate Details. Improve infrequently gives notifications to the email location enrolled with your account. It is necessary to keep your email address and, where relevant, your contact subtle elements and installment points of interest connected with your record present and precise. Records are governed by the element whose email location is enrolled with the record.

6.3. Keep in mind to Backup. You are in charge of looking after, securing, and making reinforcements of your Content. To the degree allowed by material law, Improve won’t be at risk for any inability to store, or for misfortune or defilement of, your Content.

6.4. Account Inactivity. Improve may end your record and erase any content found in it in case no record action therein is (for example, a log in occasion or installment) for more than 12 months. On the other hand, we will endeavor to caution you via email before ending your record to furnish you with a chance to log into your record so it stays dynamic.

7. Client Requirements

7.1. Lawful Status. On the off chance that you are a person, you might just utilize the Service in the event that you have the ability to structure an agreement with. Any of the service we offer here is planned for utilization by person below 13 years of age. On the off chance that you are under 13 years of age or don’t have the ability to structure an agreement with Improve, you have no right to utilize the Services. We suggest that folks and parents straightforwardly to administer any access of the Services by minors.

7.2. Embargoes. You might just utilize the Services in the event you are not forbidden under any relevant laws from committing such. In the event that you are placed in a nation checked by countries or regions such as European countries, Far East or United States and the like or other appropriate law from acknowledging the Services, or are on the U.S. Division of Commerce’s Denied Persons List or Entity List, or the U.S. Treasury Department’s rundown of Specially Designated Nationals, you are not allowed to buy any paid Services from Improve.

8. Suspension and Termination of Services

8.1. By You. On the off chance that you end a Subscription amidst a charging cycle, you won’t get a discount for any period you didn’t utilize in that charging cycle until you are ending the Agreement for our break and have therefore notified us in composing, or until a discount is needed by law.

8.2. By Improve  

Improve may demarcate, hang up, or quit giving the Services to you on the off chance that you neglect to consent to these Terms, (for example, an inability to pay expenses being owed), or on the off chance that you utilize the Services as a part of a fashion that gives legitimate risk to us or disturbs others’ utilization of the Services. Improve might likewise suspend giving the Services to you on the off chance that we are exploring suspected unfortunate behavior by you. On the off chance that we hang up or end the Services you have been utilizing, we will attempt to provide for you progress ahead of time notice. On the other hand, time-touchy circumstances may turn up where Improve may resolve that we have to make prompt move without notice. Improve has no commitment to hold your Content upon the termination of the pertinent Service.

8.3. Advanced Steps. In the event that Improve gives up offering the Services to you in light of the fact that you over and again or luridly violate these Terms, Improve may follow steps to debar the further utilization of the Services you make covering obstructing your IP address.

9. Changes and Updates

9.1. Changes to Terms. Improve may revise these Terms whenever for a mixed bag of reasons, for example, to point out revisions in pertinent law or upgrades to Services, and to create account for innovative Services or usefulness. Any progressions will be presented on the area where in such terms turn up. Improve might likewise give notice of revisions on its blog or by means of email. Revisions will be persuasive hardly than the day they are openly posted. In place for specific changes to end up compelling, material law may oblige Improve to get your agreement to similar revisions, or to give information about substantial progress ahead of time. In the event that you would prefer not to consent to any revisions made into the terms regarding a service, you ought to quit utilizing that Service, on the grounds that by keeping on utilizing the Services you give your consent to be bound by the overhauled terms.

9.2. Revisions to Services. Improve continually revises and beefs up the quality of services. Improve may include, adjust, or expel usefulness out of a Service whenever without giving earlier take note. Improve might likewise cutoff, hang up, or stop using a Service at its sweet will. In the event that Improve suspends a Service, we will provide for you sensible progress ahead of time to furnish you with a chance to fare a duplicate of your Content from that Service. Improve may chuck out content of the Services whenever we wish, in spite of the fact that we will try to tell you in advance we carry out that in the event that it really affects you and if operable the situation being what it is.

Other Terms

You are not authorized to dole out these Terms in void of Improve’s former composed assent, which may be postponed in Improve’s sole carefulness. Improve may relegate these Terms whenever without giving any notice to you.

Whole Agreement. The Terms (counting the Additional Terms) comprise the integral concordance betwixt you and Improve, and they supervene upon some other former or coetaneous understandings, terms and conditions, composed or oral regarding its topic.  If any of the term and condition we feature turn up on a buy request or comparable written document issued by you, don’t go for applying to the Services, don’t override or structure a piece of these Terms, and are invalid.

Self-employed entities. The relationship in the middle of you and Improve is self-employed entities, and not lawful accomplices, representatives, or specialists of one another.

Understanding. The utilization of the expressions “incorporates”, “counting, “for example, and comparable terms, will be considered not to demarcate what else may be incorporated.

No Waiver. A party’s disappointment or deferral to authorize a procurement ranging within these Terms is not a release of its entitlement to do as such later.

Priority. To the degree any contention crops up, the Additive Terms beat this TOU concerning the Services that are applicable to the Additional Terms.

Severability. On the off chance that any procurement of these Terms is resolved to be unenforceable by a court of effective jurisdiction, that procurement will be disjoined and the rest of terms will stay in full impact.

Outsider Beneficiaries. There are no foreign recipients relevant to these Terms.


1. The undersigned hereby undertakes not, without written permission, to disclose to others’ knowledge what I have gained or gained knowledge of in Improve digital portal, Improve Performance and Training Systems (IPTS) owned by Improve Performance International AS during my discussion / agreement with Improve Performance International AS, as well as other affiliates, collaborating parties business and clients, including information of a technical, financial and business nature, that has not been published or otherwise disclosed.

2. Furthermore, I acknowledge a special duty of confidentiality and care when handling and processing information about third parties, the company / companies’ employees and their employment.

3. Similarly, I undertake not to use directly or indirectly through others what I have committed to keep secret in my own or others’ interests.

4. Further, I undertake for my own or 3. Parts use not to copy system, screens, videos, presentations and similar reports, reports and other material that is in Improve has been used for demo purposes and other affiliated companies. , and I confirm to have deleted all material if the conversations do not result in a collaboration – and / or – if such collaboration / assignment is entered into, such agreement is applicable.

5. I acknowledge that breach of the duty of confidentiality entails liability for the losses incurred by Improve and other associated companies / persons. Any benefit I have had as a result of a breach of the duty of confidentiality shall be to Improve and any other associated companies or persons.

6. I acknowledge that the above obligations apply even after my contact / discussions with Improve have ended.